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WEAVE: The Right of Refugee Women in Thailand to Work for Economic Self-Sufficiency

Work for economic self-sufficiency is a fundamental human right. However, in many parts of the world, because of political and social upheavals, this right remains unrealized. While all who lack this right suffer, women and children are mostly affected. To support women in their efforts to respond their economic rights as well as other rights, […]

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Product Design and Development Workshop

Text and pictures by Sotiria and Elisa On 5-6 July, the Product Design and Development Workshop took place in the village hall of Mae See Pee Tai. The aim of the training was for the women to learn how to reproduce new Karen designs, which were made in the refugee camp, whereas  new color-matching ideas proposed by […]

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Acting from “Within” as opposed to from “Without”

For both Sotiria and me, this is the first time to work directly in a rural community. We cannot speak Karen, and at the village, we do not have any interpreters and/or brokers to mediate between the community and us. There are some English speakers, but we do not feel like asking for too much […]

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